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30 April 2008 @ 12:25 am
I saw this on another icon journal & I thought it was a really brilliant idea. I would love it if you would take the time to fill it out because it will give me a better idea of what styles, colouring techniques, & such you all prefer. Plus, you can let me know what kinds of graphics you would like to see in the future. :)


- Comment with your top 10 favourite icons that I've made.

- Icons
- Wallpapers
- Banners
tara: ksu [ celebration ]purple_wings on April 30th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
It's really hard to just pick 10!

o1. Photobucket o2. Photobucket o3. Photobucket o4. Photobucket o5. Photobucket
o6. Photobucket o7. Photobucket o8. Photobucket o9. Photobucket o1o.Photobucket

o1. The cropping is so nice. It's simple, yet perfect for this image. Your coloring is just gorgeous. I love the balance of colors, the brightness of the background is great.
o2. I'm biased about this one (: But you captured the moment very well with this cropping. I adore it.
o3. Um. Yeah. This cropping = one of my favorite EVER. It's one of my favorite icons ever!
o4. Your contrast/texture/small text decoration on this icon is breathtaking.
o5. I have no idea how you made this icon so unbelievably gorgeous. It's amazing.
o6. The colors are just SOOO vibrant and stunning. The icon just pops!
o7. The mixture of black/white & color on this icon is done SO well. Plus the coloring in the background is beautiful!!
o8. I love this style, it's unique and original
o9. WOW. I am in love with this icon. I LOVE IT.
o1o. You are so amazing with your contrast skills. This icon is just a perfect example of it.

I also love all of your banners. They make me so jealous. Your skills of iconing sports is by far the best out there. And you have such a talent for textures, cropping & text.

I would like to see some banners and I would really like to see wallpapers (if you have time, they take so much more time than icons!)